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Soundproof telephone Booths in Singapore

At FAM Solutions Pte Ltd., we build bespoke telephone booths to cater to your expanding requirements of a quiet and relaxed workspace to make business calls and push productivity.

We design our phone booths to align with the open layout interiors of modern offices. They not only provide a space for privacy and focus for your employees but also maximize space in your confined offices.

We supply phone booths for companies in Singapore.


Open the Door to Complete Focus With Our Sound Insulated Office Phone Booths

We leave no stone unturned to iterate & get optimum acoustic performance while designing phone booths in Singapore. Therefore, your staff can make sales or business calls without being unfazed by what’s happening outside.

Also, think out loud, focus, and develop new strategies to drive the company’s bottom line with modern phone booths that seamlessly fit in your office decor and other commercial settings.

Assemble Anywhere & Reduce Ambient Noise: Phone Booths

  • Built-in Desk

The magnetic board and the comfortable chair give you all the conveniences required to carry out essential business work.

  • Power Outlets

Each phone booth has multiple power outlets to keep you powered up for every work session, for hours without any disruption.

  • Easy Installation

Our acoustic phone booths are easy to install with a few basic tools. They can also be conveniently disassembled and reassembled.

  • Made in Singapore

Engineered, designed, and fabricated in Singapore. Select the right office phone booth you want with all the added features for a soundproof acoustic room

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